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McElroy & Telegraph Apparatus Co. (TAC)

Boston, Massachusetts — Chicago, Illinois

Ted McElroy and friends Joe Goode and Frank Bascomb formed TAC as a partnership to produce McElroy keys during WWII.

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McElroy Plastic Streamkey

McElroy S-100
Professional Stream Key

This plastic key is marked "Radio Transmitting Telegraph Key" on the back and "Stream Key, manufactured by T.R. McElroy, Boston, Mass., USA" on the front.


TAC Cast Iron Frame

TAC Stream Key Copy
Cast iron frame


TAC Zinc Frame

TAC Zinc Stream Key Copy

The frame is zinc leading to the cracking and paint loss seen on this key.


TAC Cut-off

TAC "Cut-off" Key

Cast iron frame, cutoff to fit 1940s-era TAC code practice oscillators. With it cut this way, the lever could stick out from the front panel.


TAC 4-wire Key

TAC 4-wire Stream Key Copy

Frame is cast iron and there are 4 wire posts on the rear, as if it were competing with the J-38.